We Care About Anonymity

Privacy can't exist without anonymity

The Internet is a paradox of great content and vast differences of thought. Privacy goes a long way toward making the Internet a better, safer place for all.


We Care About Simplicity

Sometimes you just need a simple tool

If it doesn't work in Lynx, it doesn't work. We believe in the value of small, simple web applications that address a particular need and then stop before they go too far.


We Care About Speed

The Internet should be rocket fast

You won't find bloat here. We believe that the internet should be rocket fast, so that you can spend more of your time offline doing something with your real life.

Why Offer Paid Services?

Short answer: to keep the lights on. The truth is, we're happy to offer small, fast, and free anonymous services. The select crowd that will appreciate those may find that our paid services are an opportunity to get a few more features, and support what we're trying to do. But there's never an expectation.

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