About 2terse.com

We Care About Anonymity

One of the biggest problems with the internet is the misguided idea that every thing we do and say should be connected to our identity. Eventually, someone won't like the way you think, or talk, or look. Their dislike may lead them to threaten or mistreat you; not just on the internet, but at your workplace or in your home.

Anonymity should not be a crime. If you have thoughts, ideas, or content that you wish to share anonymously, you should be able to do that. Those who don't wish to be a part of your anonymous content certainly have plenty of other places to go and spend their time.

2terse.com offers web apps that honor your wish to operate independent of your identity, with the bounds of the law and the website terms.

We Care About Simplicity

All of our web apps are validated for functionality in the lynx text-based web browser. Even if you don't use a text-based web browser, this matters. It means that you're getting simple applications that work, that don't require heavy computing resources, and that will operate on virtually any computer, tablet, or phone.

Simple web apps also offer greater security and anonymity. They can function in the Tor Browser, even with safety set to the highest level. The user wins when the web is simple.

We Care About Speed

Most websites are a jumbled mess of libraries and includes and bloat. We try to keep our site lean and quick, with as few dependencies as possible. For those who are really looking for speed, we offer anonymous web apps that work in basic web browsers. CSS and Javascript are optional extras, for those who want them&emdash; and even then, we only use the minimum.

A Note on Ads

No one likes ads. We host them to help pay for this project. What we won't do is annoy you with popups if you choose to block them. Block away, we get it. If you like what we're about, and want to support us in some other way, feel free to try out our paid services.