Free Web Apps

Our web apps all have a free option. With the free service level, your links and content last for 8 days. Create as many as you'd like, share and access them as much as you'd like during that time.

All of our web applications are simple, and are designed to work in any browser. You as the creator can use the apps anonymously, and those who visit the links you create can also use the apps anonymously.

URL Shortener - Text Share - Survey Creator

Paid Service Options

Paid access codes allow you to create anonymous content with an extended expiration date. Buy one code and use it with every service, for the duration of the code. Content expiration starts from the day it was created, effectively doubling the utility of your access code.

Why Offer Paid Services?

Offering improved services for a small fee helps us offset the cost of running the website. We don't gather email addresses or require logins, and we don't gather your personal data. The paid services are a way for users to contribute to the site in a meaningful way, if they find it useful.