Anonymity Policy

We understand that internet users may wish to remain anonymous. This is not a reflection of the user or their actions, but a desire for privacy. We respect our users desires to remain anonymous. It is not a crime to be anonymous.

All activity within our terms is kept as anonymous as possible. Free access to our services is entirely anonymous. Our hosting provider records an IP address, and we store and IP address associated with each request. However, there is no requirement that this IP address identify the originating source. Those who wish to remain anonymous may use our services through a proxy service or through Tor, or through other channels.

Paid access codes require a degree of identification to process payment and to receive a service access code. That code is sent directly to the email address of your choice after payment is complete. Your contact information is not stored on our web host, and your access code is enabled manually and with no connected identifying information in our database. This is to protect your privacy.

Our paid access code system allows our users to operate without a login, username, email, or password. Your access code is all that is needed.

Illegal and illicit activity will not be tolerated. Misuse of the services will result in content moderation including and up to removal. Repeat offenses may result in a non-refundable revoking of paid access codes. We are dedicated to operating within the law, and to providing our users with anonymous services whenever possible.