Disclosure Notices

We will remove the notice from the bottom of our site, which states that we've never been approached by a government agency for information, if we are ever asked to provide information to a government agency. If we are legally able, we will provide details on that request to the general public. 2terse.com will certainly comply with all legal and lawful requests for information, but we will keep our users informed.

All that said, we make every effort to make sure that we don't have anything to deliver if a request is made. We do not store your personal information on our web server, ever. Our database does not contain personally identifiable information. Our accounting requires that we keep track of who purchases paid services to some degree, but our free services are open to anyone as long as they abide by the terms.

We are 100% behind internet anonymity, and support your right to privacy. We have terms and conditions that preclude the use of our services for criminal activity. Anonymous activity is not criminal activity.